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Bridges Botany Club

Students in the 8th grade Botany Club at Bridges have been learning about how plants grow and experimenting with growing their own plants. Students use various scientific instruments to make measurements of plants, soil, and water to help them grow great plants. They have been growing plants including the California poppy, marigold, morning glory, sunflower, and cosmos. Students practice making boxes with fixed volume to measure the amount of soil they use measured in cubic centimeters. They use graduated cylinders and beakers to measure the amount of water they add measured in milliliters. Students use a triple-beam-balance to gauge the mass of their plants. The students write down their measurement data and other data on a scientific measurements data sheet and place the data on a slide on their computer. They use the data to make decisions about how to care for their plant. In the club, we watch videos about plant care, learn from the internet about plants, study plant parts and look at the plant parts under the microscope. Come join Botany Club to enjoy learning about plant life and experiment with growing your own plant!