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Mrs. Cook's Conservation Class- Making a Difference from Bridges Academy

Through much of this year, starting in November of 2018, Ms. Cook’s students in Conservation class have been growing their very own Oak trees.  The students started the trees from little acorns and had to be very patient as, after planting, acorns take 4-6 weeks to sprout.  Of the 11 acorns planted, all 11 had sprouted by the 6th week.  The students cared for their trees by watering them regularly and taking data on their trees height, width, number of branches and number of leaves.   After 6 months of caring for their trees, 9 were donated over this past Memorial Day weekend to non-profit Our City Forest, where they will continue to grow into established trees and get transplanted in and around the Bay Area.  The students were actively involved in Conservation through this endeavor and have contributed to the reforestation of our city, and to the cleaner air that trees help produce.  Congratulations to all the Conservation students on the successful growing season for their trees and to all the effort they put in to caring for them.