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Fall Break 10/2 - 10/6
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Bridges Academy Field & Game Day

While the 8th graders attended Great America for their 8th grade reward, 7th grade students were involved in a day of entertaining activities, friendly competitions, and games, called our Annual Field Day Celebration. It helped build a community and teamwork skills. A description of the field day events follows:
The field day will be divided into 2 sections, OUTDOOR and INDOOR.
Both sections will have 6 competing teams for points. Each team will be assigned a COLOR and STAFF
to serve as their coaches. Teams are the kids PE Class. The team with the highest point total at the end of the
competition will be awarded a pizza party the following week. Most of the relay activities will be a timed event
so that we stay on schedule.
1st = 5 pts.
2nd = 3 pts.
3rd = 1 pts
Tug Of War = 5 pts each win
● Take place during 4th & 5th periods on the soccer field. (8m roll, 60 mins games, 20m cool-down)
● JR & Theresa will OFFICIATE /LEAD the competitions
● Each COACH is responsible for getting the required number of participants for each contest up to
the start line, and then keeping the rest of the team at the spectating line.
● Each team will do the same competition at the same time in the OUTDOOR SECTION.
● Competitions will be relay style and timed to stay on schedule.
● OUTDOOR points earned will be combined with indoor points.
● Will take place 7th period in the gym. (6m roll, 30-35 minute games, 5-10m return classroom)
● ALL 6 TEAMS will enter Girls locker room side of gym
● Instruct students to sit down on bleachers in their designated color areas.
● Staff will send participating students to the floor with JR & Theresa for each relay when announced.
● Staff will stay at bleachers with non-participating team members to cheer on the team.
Congratulations to the "Orange Team" for their victory and all the participants for making the day special and fulfilling for us all in the Bridges Community. Stay tuned to Bridges news and join us next year for our annual Field Day Celebration.